The Sourdough Pizza Company. Serving fresh, fire roasted, brick-oven pizza in Southwest Virginia

The sourdough is homemade. The pizza is homemade and the ingredients are fresh. If you like pizza, you will like the Sourdough pizza company
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About us


The Kolegues Zac and Megan are passionate about pizza. They have always dreamed of opening a pizza shop and thus the birth of the Sourdough Pizza Company. Megan is the creator of the delicious sourdough and Zac is the chief pizza crafter.


The Atkins Caleb and Steph are pizza partners. They are responsible for the look of the Sourdough Pizza company and bring laughter to the table.


You The Sourdough Pizza Company wouldn't be alive were it not for good friends like you. It's simple, we believe that food brings people together so why not have a slice and see what we're talking about.

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The Story

We were sitting around enjoying each other's company after a meal when Zac shared a dream

My grandmother taught me how to make pizza, he said, and I would love to sell pizza out of a brick oven. It was one of those Love Does kind of moments. So we carried on dreaming and laughing about the possibilities.

So Zac started building. He purchased a trailer and started laying brick. Bit by bit, piece by piece the oven started to take shape and the dream started to become a reality. Fast forward a year and the oven was fired up. The first pizzas were cooked (and eaten) and everyone agreed that this was the best pizza they had tasted. The Sourdough Pizza Company was born.

Homemade, fresh, brick-oven Pizza

The crust is homemade sourdough. The ingredients are fresh, often from the garden and the pizza is fired in the brick oven at a blazing temperature. It's a perfect storm for pizza making. The Sourdough Pizza company is a bunch of friends laughing and cooking pizza together with the intent of sharing with those around them.

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